Built in:
Engine Displacement:
Original color:
Current color:
17M P7B (Taunus)
V6 Cologne
4 speed (RWD)
Two-tone light/dark blue
Black and white
Sold to a friend in 2007 and in storage ever since. Needs work.
This car was imported from Germany to the Netherlands in 1996 and converted to bi-fuel (LPG). In 1999 it ended up as a daily driver for a friend his girlfriend but she couldn't drive it as it was way too big (?) so she bought a classic Mini Cooper. I bought the car with the idea to just drive it until it would fell apart but that just wouldn't happen and as of today (2014) it's still drivable (but isn't APK/MOT/TUV approved right now).
The car originally had a two-tone blue color but wasn't nice anymore due to several repairs and partial repaintings so in 2003 I painted it black and white, by hand.

The car had several engines. It came with a non-original Ford Sierra 2.0L one which was a bit low on power. Probably got a lot of mileage so I fitted a 2.3L V6 from a Ford Granada MK3, an engine I used myself for a long time in a Taunus MK2 after the L4 to V6 conversion. After a few years I blew that engine so again another one was fitted. This time a Ford Capri 2.0 V6 one which I borrowed from a friend and who ended up as the buyer of this car.
This 17M seems indestructible. Used it daily and also on several trips to East-Germany and Tjech Republic without real problems. True, every year when it needed inspection there was always something that needed to be repaired to get approval, usually a little welding and suspension rubbers, but nothing really major. In 2007 the list of repairs was a bit longer (taking too much time for my liking) but still possible with a bit of effort.
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