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Engine Displacement:
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Horizon LS (Ultra)
L4 (type: Simca 1100)
1442 cc / 88 ci
5 speed (FWD)
Daily driver, 2008-2009 (no longer in possession).
Bought because I immediatly needed some transportation. Looked online on a national market place in the cars section, sorted by price, and this one was the first that showed up which was road legal and within a 50KM distance. It turned out to be in a much better condition than I expected. The only let down was that it's an FWD car and when it got a small problem with the front brakes after a few years I decided to get rid of it.

I sold it (nearly gave it away) to a French car enthousiast in the very south of the Netherlands who repaired it but at writing this note it seems that the car is no longer registered in the Netherlands so he either exported it or wrecked it. This could be because of a change in the law which makes it a lot harder for old car enthousiasts to keep them. In the Netherlands one has to pay tax for each car one owns but also pay a fee when you decide not to drive it. Old cars were freed from tax but with the 2014 law many cars aren't anymore so suddenly all those enthousiast had to pay for all their cars, resulting in a too expensive hobby and drastically lowering the value of those cars.
Talbot Horizon LS (Ultra) Talbot Horizon LS (Ultra) Talbot Horizon LS (Ultra)
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