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  Fox-1 - Music Passion
  Playtime: 21:19
    Tracks: 21
      Date: May 2003

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Wild Child - Legends of the Dark Black
Minty - Useless Man
Bit Machine feat. Daisy Dee - Somebody Real
The Good Men - Damn Woman
Atlantic Ocean - Body in Motion
Treasure 2 - Reality
Jaydee - Music is so Special
Atlantic Ocean - Music is a Passion
2 Unlimited - Here I Go
Double Vision - Knockin'
Dulfer - Streetbeats
Westbam - Celebration Generation
U96 - Movin'
Westbam - Wizards of the Sonic
KYO - Keep in Touch with Life
Members of Mayday - We Are Different
DJ Paul Elstak - Life is Like a Dance
Jam and Spoon - Angel
U96 - Club Bizarre
Marusha - Trip to Raveland
Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - I Kiss Your Lips
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